Locally salvaged from a dieing Beech tree (Fagus Grandifolia) in the Capital District of New York.  Full of curl and character. 

Whether you're looking to have a custom piece made by us, a professional looking for the right piece for your next commission, or a DIYer who wants to tackle a project, these slabs are a great option.  They're kiln dried and are ready to be worked.  

Possible uses: table, headboard, desk, bar top and wall art.  

27BEJ Front.png


Width: 32-40"

Length: 96"

Thickness: 8/4 (2")

Price: $360 (Discounted for  Checking)

27BEK Front.JPG


Width: 31-38"

Length: 95"

Thickness: 8/4 (2")

Price: $400-SOLD

27BEL Front.jpg


Width: 26-34"

Length: 95"

Thickness: 8/4 (2")

Price: $370